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2021 Schedule For Indian Cricket Team

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The 2021 cricket season has kicked off, and the Indian cricket team looks set for some fast-paced action on the pitch in the upcoming India tour.


India is virtually the center of cricket, with the original T20 brand stemming from the country bringing with the biggest revenue streamer in cricket today. Indian cricket has become synonymous with top players and thrilling action.


From IPL to World Cup play, there is never a dull moment on any India tour. The vigorous 2021 lineup will see the Indian cricket team traverse the continents to pursue success against cricket greats like Australia, New Zeal, and South Africa.  Indian players will play in the Asia Cup, Indian Premier, League (IPL 2021), and the T20 World Cup, not to mention other fixture tours.


The cricket team can look forward to challenging themselves and bringing pride to Indian cricket and their nation again. With the cricket world cup, they can take their place as leaders in cricket.


The Indian schedule is packed with fantastic tournaments for 2021. They will face an intense line up with tours featuring as many as nine Test matches against one country alone, plus the IPL and the T20 World Cup.


Below is the complete fixture list for India in 2021. Note that the cricket schedule is subject to change.


December 2020 – January 2021

India tour of Australia

December 17, First Test (D/N), Adelaide

December 26, Second Test, Melbourne

January 7, Third Test, Sydney

January 15, Fourth Test, Brisbane



England tour of India

February 5: First Test, Chennai

February 13: Second Test, Chennai

February 24: Third Test (day/night), Ahmedabad

March 4: Fourth Test, Ahmedabad

March 12: First T20, Ahmedabad

March 14: Second T20, Ahmedabad

March 16: Third T20, Ahmedabad

March 18: Fourth T20, Ahmedabad

March 20: Fifth T20, Ahmedabad

March 23: First ODI, Pune

March 26: Second ODI, Pune

March 28: Third ODI, Pune



Indian Premier League (IPL 2021)



Asia Cup in Sri Lanka



India tour of England

August 4, First Test, Nottingham

August 12, Second Test, Lord’s

August 25, Third Test, Leeds

September 2, Fourth Test, The Oval, London

September 10, Fifth Test, Manchester



South Africa tour of India

3 ODIs and 5 T20s



T20 World Cup in India



New Zealand tour of India

2 Tests and 3 T20s



India tour of South Africa

3 Tests and 3 T20s


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