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Premium Membership

Why Premium?

     Hi, All the predictions on this site is based on the information which is one day old (as we post it at least one day prior to the match time).. A lot of changes happen during that period, especially during toss.. In form player of the team is rested or a new player enters the squad, exact pitch report and many other things.. So, to counter all these issues we give our users a new feature called Premium Membership!!

Advantages of a Premium Membership!!

      Of course Premium Members earn more profits compared to normal users, BUT HOW?? We give you our predictions directly to your WhatsApp number just after the Toss for our Premium Members..

But why after Toss? What if I want predictions earlier? –> This May be your question..

Yeah, we are aware that some of you guys need predictions in advance (at least few hours in advance), that’s why we post our predictions one day prior to the match time.. You can use our free tips which we post directly in our website.. Even by following our free tips you can manage to get substantial profits..

Premium Membership Plans!!

There are plans available for both Match based as well as Duration based..

Match Based Plans..

  1. INR. 2000 for 5 Matches

  2. INR. 3500 for 10 Matches

Get Personalized Tips for Matches only which matter to you by subscribing to match based Plans.. 

Duration (Time) Based Plans..

  1. INR. 3000 for one week*

  2. INR. 5500 for two weeks*

  3. INR. 8000 for one month*

* –> All matches predictions for the selected duration including International matches, T20 Leagues, Men’s, Women’s, Under 19 and Selected Domestic One Day Leagues except Test Matches..

[INR - Indian Rupee]

How to get Premium Membership?

     You can get Premium Membership by mailing us through [email protected] or get in touch with us through this Contact Form..  We are always here to assist you, because we know Winning Matters to you a lot.

“For people outside India, equivalent amount of the US Dollar is charged..”

--Extended Info--

Payment Methods Available for Indian Users..

  1. Direct Bank Transfer/ NEFT/ RTGS
  2. PayTM
  3. Tez
  4. Paypal
  5. Skrill

Payment Methods Available for Other Country users..

  1. Paypal
  2. Skrill