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What’s in store for IPL 2022?

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The 14th edition of the highly celebrated Indian Premier League (IPL 2021), organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India, has just concluded with a cheerful victory by Chennai Super Kings. Cricket fans are already eager about IPL 2022.

IPL has had a tough time in the last two years, but everyone is looking forward to these changes to improve the competition. Online cricket betting enthusiasts in India are also pulling up their socks for the IPL matches between 27 March 2022 and 23 May 2022. Cricket fans are keenly waiting for IPL 2022 in a new format with an increased number of teams.

IPL 2020 and IPL 2021 were indeed a little disappointing for the cricket fans. Shifting of venues & matches with no live audience dampened some excitement. But fans certainly enjoyed the event on their TV screens. The next edition of IPL 2022 is going to be very interesting. The BCCI has started preparations for the same to make it a big event.

BCCI is looking forward to making few changes in the competition such as the format of the competition, increase in the number of participating teams, duration of the competition, and the financial spending.

Adding new teams

IPL is the world’s richest T20 league, and the league just got richer by INR 12715 crores as BCCI introduced two new franchises for the IPL 2022. The bidding process was held in Dubai. About 22 companies took tender documents, but only 10 of them were present at the bidding event. Now Ahmedabad and Lucknow are two new teams added for the next IPL. This takes the total number of franchises from eight to ten.

Format of competition

BCCI is looking out to change the format of the competition. An IPL was held in a round-robin format, but now in the  IPL 2022 season league, the format will be converted into a group format. All ten teams will be divided into two groups of five each. Each team in a group will play with each team of another group in the first round.

Auction of players

Earlier franchises were allowed to retain a maximum of three of their players. The IPL 2022 season will allow the existing eight franchises to retain their four players before the mega auction. The eight current teams are permitted to retain a maximum of 3 Indian players while retaining more than 2 overseas players. The new teams can’t pick more than two Indian players that too after the players are retained by the existing teams from the released list of players.

Duration of championship

As the number of teams has increased, this season is going to be lengthy. It is going to be increased from 54 days to 60 days. Although it is only slightly more than the current duration, it might cause some trouble for the overseas players.

Salary Cap

The salary cap for the next season is set to increase from INR 80 crores to INR 90 crores. This will result in the players, franchises, and BCCI earning more due to higher salaries and more matches. The revenue is going to increase with new broadcast deals.